The Community

The Fr. Ubald Team spans much broader than just the Film Crew working on this project.  The Team is really made up of the entire Community! And the Community is YOU.  The community is made up of all people who pray for peace and forgiveness; The community members are all the individuals who have attended a healing mass given by Fr. Ubald, and take to heart the truth of his message; The community is any one individual who understands that the secret of peace is Forgiveness!

Fr. Ubald has answered many prayer requests, and he has brought the healing power of Jesus to many through his prayers.  Now we are requesting your prayers on our journey with this film.  We pray that 2015 is an effective year as the film crew works hard to successfully portray Fr. Ubald’s story in this independent film.  We pray the writers, the cinematographers and the musicians of this film are guided in the vision to create the story as God wills it to be.

We ask for your prayers and for others around the project of Forgiveness: The Secret of Peace.

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